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What a wonderful gift to the body of Christ and to the world! Christmas is more than the day that we celebrte the birth of Christ; it is the celebration of the watershed moment in history that should be experienced afresh each year! This book provides a variety of Bible-based, exciting, interesting, learning experiences, which can become meaningful traditions. Although the experi- ence will bless children, everyone in the family will be blessed.
Bishop Joey Johnson, Senior Pastor
The House of the Lord, Acron, Ohio

Kathy Overman's new book, Fun Family Christmas Devotions, is just the book you've been looking for to start your family on the track for a more meaningful Christmas. I just read through it and honestly, it's been the first thing in a long time that has excited me enough that I really looking forward to Christmas. I'm sending a link out to everyone I know to encourage them to buy this book.
Marcy Willis Conference Speaker
Teacher Christ Church Academy, Principal

In today's fragmented society, Kathy Overman has beautifully captured a way to bring families together through words and actions. We can't wait to use this book with our grandchildren to teach them the true meaning of Christmas.
Gary Gulbranson, Senior Pastor
Westminster Chapel, Bellevue, WA

Most parents long to pass on Christmas traditions that help their children capture the true meaning of Christ's birth, but they struggle to find meaningful ways of doing so. Fun Family Christmas Devotions is filled with practical and easy ideas to help children experience the Christmas message instead of just hearing it. These creative activities are destined to create priceless childhood memories, and to inspire meaningful family traditions that will be passed on for generations.
Steve Nelson, author, teacher
and father of seven